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Analytic materials

Request a streamed recording of the Open Russia LNG Debate

Learn about LNG producers’ strategies and development plans to be accomplished in Russia before 2030 and get the updates of Russia’s LNG industry

Report on the results of the LNG Projects of Russia study

This report contains analysis of survey and in-depth interview results, as well as an overview of large-scale and small-scale LNG projects. Results of the study will help you to efficiently evaluate industry risks and opportunities, and provide you with a set of tools to help your company to obtain a competitive edge in the context of a dynamic market.

Recording of the webinar on the US LNG and European gas markets

Explore the implications and effects of US LNG expansion on the European gas market; learn about Russia’s actions in response to retain European market share and options to undercut US LNG pricing in order to ensure it maintains its share of key European markets.

Report on Russian LNG industry

The report covers:

- Relevant information on promising routes of LNG application;
- Statistical review of the industry;
- Overview of large-, mid-, and small-scale LNG projects of Russia.