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Analytic materials

Report on the status and LNG industry development prospects in Russia

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The report covers:

• Statistics on LNG industry status in Russia;

• Key current development trends;

• Innovative developments which are mostly demanded for further LNG production development;

• Status of promising LNG projects of Russia;

Report on LNG-plants investment projects

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The report features the projects on construction of large-, medium-, and small-scale LNG plant

Among the projects featured in:

• Sakhalin-2
• Arkhangelsk LNG
• Yakutia LNG
• Novatek’s plans

and a lot more

Specialised report about the prospects of large-scale LNG projects in Russia

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The report includes:

• An overview of global and Russian LNG market in facts and figures

• Challenges facing Russian large-scale LNG

• Latest trends and development routes for LNG production in Russia

• Status of ongoing and planned large-scale LNG projects of Russia