Investment Projects

Construction of the LNG plant

Operator/initiator: RusChemAlliance
Location: Ust-Luga, Leningrad region
Stage: n/a
Dates: by end of 2026
Investment amount: n/a
Capacity: the complex is planned to process 45 billion cm of gas annually, produce about 13 million tonnes of LNG (it was also reported that LNG production may get the third train with a capacity of another 6.5 million tonnes), up to 3.8 million tonnes of ethane fraction, up to 2.4 million tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and 0.2 million tonnes of pentane-hexane fraction. The natural gas remaining after processing (about 19 billion cm) will be sent to Gazprom gas transmission system.

The project involves the establishment of an integrated natural gas processing and liquefaction complex near the Ust-Luga seaport. Ethanecontaining natural gas from Gazprom’s fields in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region, delivered via dedicated gas pipelines, will be the feedstock for the facility.

Arctic LNG 1

Operator/initiator: Arctic LNG 1
Location: Gydan peninsula in YaNAO
Stage: engineering and geological surveys
Dates: by end of 2026
Investment amount: n/a
Capacity: 20 MTPA

Arctic LNG 1 is the third NOVATEK’s project for gas production and liquefaction. It is planned that the plant will produce about 20 MTPA of LNG. The project will be located in the Taz district of YaNAO.

Arctic LNG 2

Operator/initiator: NOVATEK
Location: Gydan Peninsula in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District
Stage: the Arctic LNG 2 project is currently in various stages of realisation. One of the production trains has already started operations and the other two are under construction
Dates: project launch by end of 2023 – early 2024
Investment amount: n/a
Capacity: 19.8 million tonnes of LNG per annum, 6.6 MTPA per each train

The Arctic LNG 2 project involves the construction of three production trains, each with an annual production capacity of approximately 6.6 million tonnes of LNG. The projects encompasses the construction of ship berths, gas pipelines, and the LNG plant for liquefying natural gas, and LNG storage facilities. The project involves the use of modern technologies for gas production and processing, including specialised Arctic platforms. The total capacity of three trains will be 19.8 million tonnes of LNG and up to 1.6 million tonnes of stable gas condensate per year. The project is based on an innovative construction concept using gravity-type foundations (GGFs).

LNG plant in the Amur region

Operator/initiator: Gazprom Helium Service
Location: Amur region
Stage: n/a
Dates: n/a
Investment amount: n/a
Capacity: 1,500 kg/h

This LNG plant is to be constructed in the Amur region. The company will transport propane, butane, and helium from the Amur Gas Processing Plant. Gazprom Helium Service — an authorized company for the implementation of the investment project “Logistics centre for servicing helium containers” which will be delivered from the Amur Gas Processing Plant and exported through the ports of the Primorye province. Gazprom Helium Service became a resident of Svobodny Territory of Accelerated Growth (Amur region). The new status allows receiving preferences and benefits for the project development.

LNG production plant and oil terminal in Yakutia

Operator/initiator: pentalateral agreement was signed by Far East Development Corporation, RossOil, Starway, Gazprom LNG Technologies, Investment and Export Support Agency of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Location: Sakha Repubic (Yakutia)
Stage: n/a
Dates: n/a
Investment amount: 6 billion RUB
Capacity: n/a

This project is under development in Pavlovsk village of the Megino-Kangalass ulus. Starway signed an agreement with administrations of the Megino-Kangalass ulus, Nizhny Bestyakh village on construction of a jetty in Pavlovsk village. So the development of infrastructure-related projects in Pavlovsk is now expected. The works on the Yakut Gas project which includes Yakut LNG plant continue: the project is under development; resource base is under preparation.

Reconstruction of a cryogenic unit at the Minnibay gas processing station in Tatarstan for deep processing of dry stripped gas to release LNG and gaseous helium

Operator/initiator: Tatneft
Location: Tatarstan Republic
Stage: n/a
Dates: n/a
Investment amount: n/a
Capacity: a unit will be built to release gaseous helium of A brand in a volume of 504 thsd cm per annum; LNG production capacity is 10.3 thsd tonnes per annum

The new modification of this cryogenic unit is aimed to use feedstock to the fullest, to optimise technological processes of gas processing and to improve ecology of production. The technologies applied within the project will allow mitigating the carbon footprint by 95%. That reconstruction project was approved by the National Ecological Inspection and Glavgosexpertiza of Russia.

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