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Investment Projects

Arctic LNG 1

Operator: Arctic LNG 1 (Initiator – NOVATEK)
Date of commissioning: 1
st phase commissioning – 2023
Investment: -
Capacity: 20 MTPA
Status: engineering and geological surveys
Arctic LNG 1 is the third NOVATEK’s project for
gas production and liquefaction. It is planned
that the plant would produce about 20 MTPA
of LNG. The project will be located in the Taz
district of YNAO. As of December 2020, InjGeo
company won the tender for engineering and
geological exploration for terminal construction.
As expected, exploration will be completed in
May 2021.

Arctic LNG 2

Operator: Arctic LNG 2 (Founder– NOVATEK,
Total, CNOOC, CNPC, JOGMEC/Mitsui)
Date of commissioning: projected for 2023, with
full capacity reached by 2026
Investment: 21,3 billion US dollars
Capacity: 19,8 MTPA
Status: ongoing
This is a flagship project developed by NOVATEK (60%), Total (10%), CNPC (10%), CNOOC (10%) and a consortium of the Japanese companies Mitsui and JOGMEC (10%). NOVATEK informs that 17 development wells have been already drilled at the Utrennee field. Current investment in the project has already exceeded US$7,5bn. Overall project investment is estimated at US$21,3bn. Arctic LNG 2 project includes construction of 3 trains with a capacity of 6,6 MTPA. Commissioning is scheduled for 2023 with full capacity to be reached by 2026.

Arctic LNG 3

Operator: Arctic LNG 3 (Founder – NOVATEK)
Commissioning: -
Investment: -
Capacity: -
Status: geological exploration
Arctic LNG 3 can become the 4th large-scale LNG
project of Novatek. The resource base for the
plant can become Severo-Ob, Storm, or Gydan
fields. Project investment cost has not been yet

Baltic Chemical Complex

Operator: RusKhimAlians (Founders –
Date of commissioning: first phase – 2024,
second phase – 2025
Investment: 11,5 billion US dollars
Capacity: 10 MTPA further expansible to 15
Status: development of engineering design
The project implies construction of an LNG
producing plant and a gas-to-chemicals complex
for polymer production in the Leningrad region in
the suburbs of the Ust-Luga port. Project initiator
– Gazprom; operator of LNG plant construction is
Ruskhimalians. Capacity of the future plant will be
10 MTPA further expansible to 15 MTPA. Project
cost is estimated at 11,5 billion US dollars. The
date of commissioning has changed several
times, but according to the latest data, the first
phase will be put online in 2024, the second one
in 2025.

Far Eastern LNG

Project parties: ExxonMobil (operator), Rosneft,
Date of commissioning: preliminary scheduled
for 2027
Investment: 6,1 billion US dollars
Capacity: 6,2 MTPA
Status: contract concluded on preliminary
engineering design
In 2021, LNG plant construction will start. The
facility will be located in De-Kastri settlement.
The project is estimated at $9,8 bn. Capacity is
targeted at 6,2 MTPA. The plant is included in the
Sakhalin-1 project. Rosneft company initiated
the construction. The project was planned for
completion by 2027, but the pandemic altered the
timeframe. Completion date has not been reveled.
Gas for the plant will be supplied from Sakhalin-1

Sakhalin 2

Operator: Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
(Shareholders – Gazprom, Shell, Mitsui,
Date of commissioning:
project under operation, a new train is expected
for commissioning in 2026
Investment: about 5-6 billion US dollars
Capacity: increase in capacity of the plant to
16,2 MTPA
Status: under development
Russia’s first LNG production plant started
operating in 2009. Nameplate productivity of
2 technological trains of the plant is 9,6 MTPA.
Project operator is Sakhalin Energy Investment
Company Ltd. It is planned to expand Sakhalin-2
project and to build another technological train. It
will allow to increase the capacity to 16,2 MTPA.
The Ministry of Energy of the RF informed that
the commissioning is scheduled for 2026.

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