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GTT completes testing of LNG Brick bunker tank prototype

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GTT’s LNG Brick concept provides a compact and easy-to-install solution for shipowners considering mid-size bunker tanks
GTT has completed the test phase of its new LNG Brick® bunker tank technology. The verification programme, carried out in Korea under cryogenic conditions, demonstrated the satisfactory performance of the new membrane tank system.

GTT has developed LNG Brick as a mid-size bunker tank for LNG-powered vessels. The tank, which is constructed using the GTT Mark III LNG containment system technology, can be delivered as a block ready to be installed into the ship structure.

LNG Brick provides LNG fuel tank solutions for capacities ranging between 1,000 and 3,000 m3. The concept also permits the construction of bunker tanks at a dedicated site outside the shipbuilder’s premises, for transport to the yard and installation on board the ship at the appropriate time.

GTT stated that LNG Brick tanks will also enable an easier management of boil-off gas for the relatively small volumes of bunker fuel involved, thanks to their ability to maintain a higher pressure than traditional membrane tanks. In addition, LNG Brick units, like all membrane tanks, can be customised to suit the space available, thereby offering a more space-efficient solution than IMO Type C pressure vessel tanks.

GTT contracted Dongsung FineTec, a Korean company specialising in the production of insulation panels used for GTT’s membrane tank technologies, to build the LNG Brick prototype tank. The series of tests carried out verified that the concept met GTT’s design criteria for its new compact and easy-to-install bunker tank technology.

GTT chairman and chief executive, Philippe Berterottière declared “We are pleased to be able to expand our range of membrane containment systems with this reliable, high-performance solution. Given the current economic environment and LNG price levels, it seems to us to be an appropriate answer to address many of our customers’ concerns.”

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