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LNG Congress Russia 2015 is the only event where technical challenges and commercial risks associated with such growth will be discussed on a strategic level. LNG Congress Russia 2015 will attract 250+ senior decision makers across the LNG market from Russia, CIS and Baltics and give you a great opportunity to put your company leaders face-to-face with more than 50 expert speakers from the LNG industry: potential partners, prospects and clients.

The congress programme will cover:

  • The analysis of the globalization dynamics and global LNG market
  • Russian LNG market: current state and future development prospects. A detailed overview of the current Russian construction projects and implementation plans
  • Government regulation, tax incentives and export liberalization issues
  • Global LNG market development, new challenges and opportunities. Trends in imports and exports of LNG
  • Sea transportation of LNG, the development of transport infrastructure and terminals
  • Current global market review and issues around Price setting. Reforming of natural gas markets
  • LNG production technology and global best case practices for LNG factories operations
  • Modern equipment for storage and transportation of LNG

Recent sharp rise in global LNG production and extraction of shale gas in the United States caused a rapid development of the global gas market. On-going changes of the market and potential positive prospects of LNG are among the key reasons for “LNG Congress Russia 2015”. Currently, LNG deliveries account for nearly a third of the increasing global gas trade, with Russia planning to take 20% of the global LNG market by 2030. Without an active policy changes Russia risks staying outside the LNG market, despite its position as the largest world power in gas reserves.

The huge potential of Australia, North America and East Africa to export LNG contributes to attracting investment and creating projects for gas and LNG production in these regions. Moreover, these areas are being made particularly attractive for investment by the projected demand growth for LNG in Europe and the ever growing demand for gas from the Asia-Pacific countries. All of these factors are also, of course, likely to further stimulate the development of LNG trade.

To hold a leading position of the gas exporter and take on the conquest of new LNG markets requires defining new rules by the government, development of appropriate strategies for companies – manufacturers, investment, technology and expertise for the development of effective and safe large-scale LNG production facilities in Russia.

“LNG Congress Russia 2015″ will allow for constructive discussions of strategic development issues and efficient operation of the LNG industry in Russia and worldwide; to analyse the dynamics of development and globalization of the LNG market ; to evaluate the prospects of billions of dollars of investment and to learn the details of current and future LNG projects in Russia. The congress will cover government regulations and tax incentives, mechanisms of exports liberalization for liquefied natural gas; issues of transportation, storage as well as maintenance of industrial and environmental safety.

The event “LNG Congress Russia 2015″ is the most important step towards building a constructive dialogue and the research for real solutions that contribute to the development of LNG industry in Russia . Your support and presence will play a role in the success of this project, and we sincerely look forward to the possibility of future cooperation.

  • “Currently we are thinking about switching over, and will shortly take a step towards liberalizing LNG trade ”
    President of the Russian Federation
    Vladimir Putin
  • “Russia is interested in taking a worthy place in the LNG market ”
    Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
    Kirill Molodtsov
  • “It is important for us to take a worthy place right now in view of the fact that the LNG market is most mobile, and LNG may be supplied from plants operating in various locations. We must show that we are competitive, and that we are reliable energy suppliers capable of creating the conditions to increase Russia’s share of the gas market ”
    Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
    Dmitry Medvedev
  • “Gazprom, as the world’s leading gas company, is gradually implementing a strategy involving LNG production and supply ”
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom
    Alexei Miller
  • “The licensed fields of Rosneft in the offshore area of the Russian Federation hold huge resources of hydrocarbons including a significant quantity of natural gas. Given the fact that offshore fields are hard to reach and are not connected to the unified gas supply system, the most efficacious way to monetize these natural gas resources is through their liquefaction and sale for export. We positively assess the prospects of LNG exports liberalization in Russia in the near future, and are pleased to communicate that we have moved to an important stage of the LNG project with our strategic partner, Exxon Mobil ”
    President of Rosneft
    Igor Sechin