Among confirmed speakers 2015:

Pavel Zavalny, Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Energy, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, President of Russian Gas Association
Viktor Timoshilov, Deputy Head of the Project Management Department, Head of the East-Oriented Project Coordination Directorate, Gazprom
Vladimir Feigin, President, Institute of Energy and Finance
Igor Krutikov, General Director, Gazprom LNG Vladivostok
Galina Pavlova, Vice Chairman of the Government of Sakhalin Region
Mikhail Likhachev, General Director, Gazprom Gazomotornoe Toplivo
Vladimir Drebentsov, Head of Russia & CIS Economics, BP plc, Vice President, BP Russia
Dr. Tatiana Mitrova, Head of Oil and Gas Department in the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Vitaly Ermakov, Director of IHS Energy
Professor Keun-Wook Paik, associate fellow of the Energy, Environment and Resources department at Chatham House, expert in Asian energy

Among participants 2014:

Glenn Waller, President, Exxon Mobil Russia
Phil Carter, Сommercial Director, National Grid Grain LNG
Andrew Woodhead, Group Manager of Projects for Europe, and Sponsor for Russian Projects, WorleyParsons
Boris Trofimov, Deputy CEO, FMC Technologies Russia
Joerg Rattay, LNG Product Manager, Siemens AG

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  • VIEW FROM THE TOP: Changes in international LNG flows and Russian perspectives in the global LNG market
  • LNG PROJECTS IN RUSSIA: Sakhain 2, Sakhalin 1, Vladivostok LNG, Far East LNG, Yamal LNG, Arctic LNG – 2, Pechora LNG, Baltic LNG
  • NEW! COMPETITIVENESS of RUSSIAN LNG: to be first among equals
  • PRACTICAL INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDIES on engineering and exploitation of LNG facilities and plants
  • Pricing and markets
  • International producers and consumers of LNG: India, Japan, Korea, China, Europe and USA – what are their perspectives?
  • Which technologies are actually available?
  • Development of small scale LNG in Russia
  • Debate: state regulatory bodies, producers and consumers – market for medium and small scale LNG in Russia


  • LNG terminals – technologies for sleeping giants
  • Liquefaction technologies
  • Floating LNG technologies
  • Small scale LNG solutions
  • Advanced LNG safety technologies
  • LNG bunkering and vessel modernization solutions
  • Technical solutions for LNG as a vehicle fuel


  • 200+ delegates
  • 80+ C-level managers
  • 40+ heads of projects and project operators
  • 60+ service companies
  • 3 days of critically important information
  • 11 years of Vostock Capital’s experience on the market
Sponsors and partners 2014 – 2015
  • “The Congress’ main value is that it is the Russian Congress and Russia - one of the key suppliers of the future in this market. And nowhere in Singapore or London one would be able to meet such a set of the representative of Russian companies.”
    Director of the project management structure financing, Sberbank of Russia
    Dmitry Artemyev
  • “It is very important to understand what is happening in the Russian market, get information about the projects, their prospects and here our interests were completely satisfied! All the speakers, their opinions, analysts were really interesting to us, as well as, of course, representatives of future producers and existing producers of LNG in Russia. And although not all of them could make a presentation, we were still able to talk to everyone, and this is very valuable.”
    Business development consultant, National Grid UK
    Marina Bate
  • “All went really well, really well indeed. I was impressed with a wide range of issues raised, as well as with the people who are represented here. Almost everything that I wanted to see or hear over the last six months was talked about today - it’s got everything in one day. Extremely friendly and professionally organized event.”
    Director, Engineering TechnoPlast
    Vadim Zadorozhnyj
  • “It is important to know who the consumer is, as well as learn pricing. LNG production has been operating for decades, and we are just entering the market as the Russian producers, so it is important to understand where we are actually going to move in this direction. I liked a number of speeches that were essentially interesting.”
    CEO, Gazprom LNG Vladivostok
    Igor Krutikov
  • “Currently we are thinking about switching over, and will shortly take a step towards liberalizing LNG trade ”
    President of the Russian Federation
    Vladimir Putin
  • “Russia is interested in taking a worthy place in the LNG market ”
    Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
    Kirill Molodtsov
  • “It is important for us to take a worthy place right now in view of the fact that the LNG market is most mobile, and LNG may be supplied from plants operating in various locations. We must show that we are competitive, and that we are reliable energy suppliers capable of creating the conditions to increase Russia’s share of the gas market ”
    Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
    Dmitry Medvedev
  • “Gazprom, as the world’s leading gas company, is gradually implementing a strategy involving LNG production and supply ”
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom
    Alexei Miller
  • “The licensed fields of Rosneft in the offshore area of the Russian Federation hold huge resources of hydrocarbons including a significant quantity of natural gas. Given the fact that offshore fields are hard to reach and are not connected to the unified gas supply system, the most efficacious way to monetize these natural gas resources is through their liquefaction and sale for export. We positively assess the prospects of LNG exports liberalization in Russia in the near future, and are pleased to communicate that we have moved to an important stage of the LNG project with our strategic partner, Exxon Mobil ”
    President of Rosneft
    Igor Sechin